Freelance Python Developer


Alex Couper is a developer with 7 years professional Python experience.


Alex Couper is a certified SCRUM master.


Alex holds a BSc degree in Computer Science from The University of Manchester.

Python Teaching

Since January 2013, Alex Couper has been teaching an Introduction to Programming course at Litla Hraun in Iceland.

Open Source

He is an author of the pretenders, supermutes and pyrally python libraries.


Alex Couper is an advisor for Tears Children. A charity aiming to improve the lives of children in rural Kenya through education.

Alex Couper is a member of ACT Iceland, a group raising awareness of the issues of human trafficking.


  • Jan 2011 - Present


    GlassesDirect is the world's largest online prescription eyewear store. They offer thousands of fashionable frames at affordable prices - saving their customers an average of over 60% compared with purchasing instore.

    Following the aquisition of sunglasses-shop, GlassesDirect wanted to create a flexible scalable centralised system that would facilitate the fulfillment of orders arriving from multiple websites.


    Alex is a lead developer in a team responsible for designing, developing and deploying the new order fulfillment system. The highly scalable architecture is made up of services communicating using RESTful APIs and asynchronous message queues


  • Aug 2005 - Dec 2010


    QuickPOS was a UK-based startup focused on creating fast, reliable, affordable point of sale systems with an initial emphasis on the convenience store market.

    In December 2010 the company closed following my decision to move on. All existing customers were transferred to Retail Data Partnership.


    To design and implement a robust, feature-rich application that would be easy to learn, low cost to sell and that handles hardware failure and poor internet connectivity. The implemented architecture, which provided synchronization of distributed data across autonomous nodes, is one of my favourite features. Ask me about it!.


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